WATCH: Austin Mahone releases 'Banga Banga' music video

WATCH: Austin Mahone releases 'Banga Banga' music video

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As the newly minted “Artist to Watch,” Austin Mahone has us all waiting with bated breath for his yet-to-be-released debut album on Chase/Republic Records. In the meantime, however, the groovy hipster has dropped the official music video for his latest “Banga! Banga!” single.

Sampling the likes of Eminem and a dash of Justin Bieber, Mahone is poised to blaze a trail to Hot 100 royalty. In the song’s clip, the 17-year-old takes to the streets with his, Mahomies to display his charmingly electric dance moves. As he drops heavy beats and a deliciously catchy hook, he attempts to woo his new love interest, who is as trendy, hip and youthful as he is. “Your style is so crazy. You’re a fire on the set,” he warbles on the first verse, laying it on thick. “You’re a problem, girl, gotta get you. Ain’t no waitin’ with it. The one you came here with — tell that boy forget it…”

As far as his highly anticipated debut album, he recently told Billboard that he is still tinkering around with some of the songs. ”I’m doing a lot of travel right now, so it’s kind of hard to find time to record songs,” he said. “But anytime that I can, I like to, because I’m just trying to finish my album and get it done.”

“I worked with RedOne,” he added of his impressive list collaborators on the project. “I thought [the album] was going to be all RedOne stuff, but I worked with Max Martin and Sean Garrett, and I think the album is gonna have a lot of different types of songs on there, but I think it’s going to come together real nice and I’m excited to put it out.”

Take a gander at the music video:


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